types of Indian Kheer

Different types of Indian Kheer

As we all know, India is very popular for its huge range of mouthwatering desserts. Among various Indian desserts, kheer is the popular sweet dish which is prepared especially during celebrations and occasions, it is a special sweet item which is made all over India but from region to region its preparation procedure differs. This, Indian sweet is loved, admired and recognized globally. And it is also admired in Bracknell and it is available in many Indian restaurants in Bracknell UK. Many family restaurants in Bracknell serve Indian kheer along with Bracknell foods. Some Indian restaurant in Bracknell also provides Indian food takeaway Bracknell.

So, let’s have a look at the various types of Indian Kheer:

Ragi Kheer:

It is made with Ragi flour, Milk, Sugar, Cardamom Powder and Ghee.

Sabudaana Kheer:

It is made with Saabudana, Milk and Sugar.

Paal Payasam:

It is a South Indian Style Kheer. It is made of rice and milk.

Rice Kheer:

It is the most common and everyone’s favorite kheer. It is the traditional recipe which contains rice, milk, sugar with added saffron strands and dry fruits.

Sewaiyaan Kheer:

It is made with Vermicelli, most commonly found items in Indian kitchens.

Sooji Kheer:

It is a quick kheer recipe which is made sooji/rawa.


It is made from ground rice and is traditionally served in small earthen bowls also known as shikoras.

Paneer Kheer:

It is made with Cottage Cheese, Milk, Dry fruits, Cardamom Powder, Saffron and Rose Water.

Oats Kheer:

It is made with quick cooking oats or rolled oats, milk, ghee and dry fruits.

Makhana Kheer:

It recipe is specially made during vrat or fasting days. It is light and nutritious.

Lauki Kheer:

It is another recipe which is made during fasting days.

Rajgira Kheer:

It is made with Amarnath grains.

Ada Payasam:

It is another popular South Indian recipe.


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